Finishing your floor 

Your floor needs to be finished after sanding to protect the wood and give your floor a long life, we offer a selection of leading brand products, that are environmentally sound and safe for the environment. You can chose to have your wooden floorboards stained, or left natural and have them finished with a hard wax oil or lacquer to enhance the natural colour of the wood. If you are uncertain of the finish you require we will advise you.

A Lacquer finish to your floor offers great protection, we offer a range of lacquers suited to your individual requirements.
Since January 2011, DIBt is the German authority enforcing the industry’s toughest legislation for emissions, ensuring good indoor air quality. All Bona products, from finishes and oils to adhesives, submitted up to date have been approved by DIBt.





Choosing an oil finish 
Hard wax oils are made from, sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils, as the oils are manufactured from natural regrowing ingredient, they are classed as food safe.  
The finish both penetrates into the wood and lays on the surface which can easily be renovated, the oil does not crack, flack, peel or blister, also damage to the floor can be easily repaired. Hard wax oil has a great fluid resistance and is easy to maintain, sanding is not required for renovation, we also offer a range of stains to complement the oil range.   

Our team are qualified with the application of our finishing products and we will advise during our quote on the best product for your floor.