Q: Is it really dust-free?
A: Our sanding machines are around 96-98% dust-free, there maybe some static dust but we do our best to extract as much dust as possible, lifting floorboards and repairing the floor will cause a-little more dust, but we do our best to keep the dust down.
Q: Is my floor too bad to be sanded?
A: Almost all solid wood floorboards can be sanded, even when they have the horrid back stuff around the edge, sometimes we have to replace a few floorboards and have to work a-little harder for a great result, as a general rule if you can walk on the floor you can have it sanded. engineered  and multi ply flooring can be sanded, depending on how thick the top veneer layer is.
Q: Can I have my floorboards stained?
A: Yes you can, we offer a range of professional stains.
Q: Will the rooms have to be empty?
A: Yes the carpet and furniture will have to be removed, curtains can be left up. If you have a lot of furniture please speak with us, as we are used to working around this and can help come up with a solution.
Q: I would like my floor sanded but I plan to decorate. Which should I do first?
A: Normally we are last in, its best to do all your decorating and any other work like electrics, plumbing, plastering first.
Q: A member of our family has asthma, will wooden floors help?
A: Yes it has been proven that wooden floors reduce dust mites and help with asthma, remember our sanding is virtually dust free and we use environmentally sound finishing products.