Floor sanding

Having your floors sanded will transform the way your home or business looks, We do our best to keep any dust to a minimum using our virtually dust free sanding machines, most wooden floors can be sanded and if they are badly damaged, we can replace the damage area with reclaimed wood, and we use environmentally sustainable finishes for your floor.

It's common to find black paint around the edge of rooms in a Victorian aged home.  This paint is tar based and was used to finish the edge of the room around a centrally placed mat.  We have specialist equipment to remove the tar and bring  your floors back to a beautiful finish.



Can I have my floor sanded?

Nearly all wooden floors can be sanded depending on the type and condition of the wooden floor. A solid tongue and groove floor can only be sanded until you are close to the tongue, engineered wooden flooring has a wood veneer top layer, this can be anything from 3mm to 10 mm thick which is used as a guide to how much we can sand. Solid soft and hard wood planks can be sanded a good few times.
During the sanding process we sand as much off as needed to give you a great finish to your floor, sanding your floor at least five times using our professional floor
sanding equipment, working through the sanding grades, from coarse to fine.



Sanding stairs

We also specialise in sanding stairs, although sanding stairs is challenging the end results are worthwhile, creating a staircase that becomes a stunning centrepiece of any home.




Will the floor sanding be dusty ?

We use industry leading equipment that will collect 98% of the dust and all our sanders have dust extraction. 

We understand how important it is to cause the minimum disruption in your home and do our best to keep the dust and mess down.